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Direct swap: Tung Khang-China

I know him from postcrossing forum in http://www.postcrossing.com

He offered to have direct swap with me (5 cards at once, coz he thinks Indonesia’s postcards are very nice) and I said ok let’s do it.

He sent me five blank postcards in an envelope and so did I. The postman came and its arrived safely. I found these cards and a small note that has a lil information about him:

“Thanks for swapping 🙂

I am a teacher in a local school. My hobbies are reading, collecting and sending postcards, also traveling :)”

Three cards of them


And as I said before, I LOVE postcards with faces especially the one that represents the culture whether its pop-culture, traditional-culture, way of life, and so on.

Then I suddenly remember that back then, Chiu Chiu from China (I have posted this) had sent me the other postcard to complete this set.


Nice cards!

Move to two other cards. These are also my fave, the “Enjoyment of Plum Blossom” by Gai Mao’shen and the scenery of “Ming Tombs”


completely remarkable!



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