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Direct Swap: Sunny-Taiwan

I’ve been doing this swap for around a year. If you follow my blog, then I believe you know “Sunny” well.  Well, She is a Taiwanese college student. I knew her from http://www.postcrossing.com. She has been doing a research and taking a short course in Japan till this August. She sent me this from Japan. I love faces card so much! This will be one of my fave indeed!




We exchanged letters, stamps, and stuff but mostly postcards inside an envelope. Unwritten and clean postcard is not really my style, but Sunny makes it very personal and seems to always know my favorite (how could you? Wow!), like she sent me the refreshing scenery of her home town and many nice spots in Taiwan, my fave anime studio-Ghibli, historical-vintage stuff, even handmade card!!!




She tells me a lot about the cards through letters. Not only the story of the cards but also the stories when we feel blue, unmotivated, excited, and oftenly surprising things that come out of the blue in our life , or even simple things like how grateful we are being born as postcrossers hahaha 😀

Best swap friend I have ever had so far 🙂




Love, Alexandria






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