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175th: Ute-Germany





Dear Ute,

Thanks a lot for the card! 🙂 unfortunately I don’t know what are those red things. Could you tell me, please? ):(( I’m curious!
And also thank you for sharing your family story. The more the merrier is indeed happen in your family. It’s amazing to have a cat and dog under one roof. Cool!
So you live in the village, I love village, the weather is still clean and the water is pure refreshing, moreover you have your very own big garden! Lucky you!





Dear Alexandria,

Thank you so much for your kind message. Sorry, I meant to tell you something about the red things in the card. It looks like that I forgot. 🙂 These are typical German. They are big baskets in which you can sit at the beach and relax and take a little nap because there is something to pull out to kind of have a stool in front of you that you can put your feet on top and relax. It can be turned so you can have either the sun or the wind in the back of yourself. But you have to pay for using it and that is the reason for the wooden “ladder” in front of it. After you paid the daily fee this will be removed and then the “Strandkorb” which it is called in German can be used. Does my explanation make any sense?


Best wishes,



Hi Ute,

Thank you so much for your complete explanation! 🙂
I am very much interested in using it someday if I get the chance to get there.



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