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163rd: Katya- Germany (Russian)


Dear Katya,

Thx for the awesome New Zollhof building card! I work for media, and it’s nice if I had an office like this 🙂
I always love to see an unique architecture, it’s more than a building, it is a story of people, culture, and mind perpectives. So it’s very temptating to be able to see many awesome buildings from around the world, and I believe Russia and Germany have bunch of them.
Here in my home town, Bandung, our architecture has influence from our culture mixed with Dutch (colonize us for 3.5 century) or east Asia (esp. China since we have quite big population here and Japan which colonize us for almost 3 years). I content with seeing these, there are something beyond the buildings.
Hope someday I can have a visit to Germany as well as your original country, Russia.




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