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Ghibli Movies Screening in Indonesia Theatre!!!

Dear friends!!!,
It has been a long time since I posted my last blog other than postcard blogging.
So busy stuff captured me, and sometimes prisoned me,  and.. ready to explode anytime. It did tho, a couple of times. I regret it.
I decided to stop the routine on that day and did something I like. After met my students (did I tell you? I teach some public speaking classes, it becomes one of my hobbies now), I decided to escape to a place where I can relax.. Theatre!!!
All by myself!!!
Some of you may think it’s awkward to watch movies in theatre alone, but for me? Nothing’s better!

However, it was started with the morning newspaper I read. Guess what? found a surpring article there.. GHIBLI COMES TO INDONESIA FOR MOVIE SCREENING!!!! SCREAM FANGALS, SCREAAAAAAAM!!!


It is one movie in a month! There are 20 something movies, so count! It will be ended around 2018. Its started this month, April, my fave month.


Grab my phone, and see the schedule. Booked! Booked! Booked!
Such a rare moment.
Even I’ve watched this movie more than 5 times, but pleaseee GHIBLI esp. SPIRITED AWAY in huge screen!!! No way jose,  I’m NOT gonna miss this chance!
Errrr who’s Jose again? Hahaha

But since the movie screening began at 7 pm and I still had much time, I decided to adore the lovely Scarlet Johansonn in huge screen before. Yep! her new movie “Ghost in The Shell”.


Its the adaptation from anime but I didn’t watch it, because back then I thought it was too “heavy” for a young girl’s heart consumption (the anime became the top notch when I was in elemantary school). But then I never regret my decision. Such a recommended epic movie esp. For whom who loves sci-fi genre, better watch it in 3D, unfortunately the 3D version is unavailable..

Well, It was ended at 6.30 pm.

I grabed fastly a burger from the cafe (honestly the portion  was definitely not enough for my stomach hahaha). Then I continued to watch the spirited away at 7.00 pm!!!

I wonder there are so many scenes that I feel I missed it when I watched the movie in the laptop screen with my own room ambience.
Huge screen gives you so much better details and ambience. This is how theatre works!



And it makes me contemplate deeper.. The main heroine called Chihiro a.k.a Sen.
Chihiro is a young girl with an humble heart and simple-thought. The story makes me learn that sometimes, the more we grow up, the more we find complicated things, then the more you don’t realize those humble heart and simple-thought begin to faded.
However, whatever hard times we had, it comes again to what response and choice we made. Be careful, be wise, be stubborn, be kind, be forgiveful, be thoughtful, be patient, be honest, be genuine, be a dreamer and take an action!. The destiny will come to us later. Whether it is good, bad who knows? It is back again to your perspective, how you response it and what choices you made. What goes around, comes around in some unexpected ways, that you even don’t ever think about it. it is too good too be true sometimes, but some other day it seems to turn to the worst day ever. Well then there is something we need to always believe, that something happens for a reason and everything will make a perfect sense at the certain point of our life.
So, the problem right now is you want to experience it or not? If yes, the journey will start to begin. If not, then the journey will start to begin as well but in the different path. So choose to live with the fullest.
Just as simple as that.



Who can’t wait patiently for next month’s GHIBLI movie screening…


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