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160th: Daniel-South Korea


“Hi Daniel!

Greetings from Bandung! Thx a bunch for the awesome postcard and stamps. I love the detail of the painting of Royal Procession Back To Seoul. This gonna be my favorite indeed! 🙂
Also thx for writing me a lot about your life. All of my English teachers in my school back then used to spoke in American accent, Bristish accent in formal school (esp. in public school) is uncommon and there is some mindset its more difficult to learn. Thx to Harry Potter, British accent is more well-known nowadays. It is nice to know that you are an English teacher from England who live in Korea, as well as a traveller. I believe you’ve experienced and learned so many things from travelling around the world.
Languages and travelling are two things that always catch my attention. It’s exciting when there is a friend who has the same passion as mine. Glad to know you.
Have you been to Indonesia, Bandung city? We have lots of things to offer esp. Natural, cultural and historical attractions along with yummy food and warm people. Be sure to visit!


Warm Regards from Bandung, (I wonder how cold South Korea right now, 6°C is quite something for us who live around 20°-37°C),


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