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159th: Kitty-Netherlands

“Hello Kitty,

Thank you for the lovely public transportation you’ve sent me. I love it!
The photography and editng are cool, with the monochrome background, the yellow trem seems very eye catching.. Hope I can have this in my home town. Gladly my mayor, Mr. Ridwan Kamil has many innovation recently in making the public transportation more comfortable for us, the citizen.
I get so many impression about this from the guest stars I’ve invited in doctor talkshow program which is one of the radio programs I announce. We discussed about  healthcare in Indonesia and Netherlands as well as the culture (including public transportation.) There are four beautiful Doctors that coming from Redboud University, Nijmegen on that night. We shared lots of things 🙂

However there is some unfortunate thing that the stamp is gone! Since my mail box has been damaged for almost two months. I can’t hang it in front of my house near the gate. So everytime Mr. post-man delivered the new postcard he automatically drop it in my yard, then maybe… There are people who see it and get rid of the stamp!!! So sad… The stamp on your postcard is now gone!!! ;(

Well your card enough to made my day though! Thx once again



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