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157th: Natalja-Russia


“Hello Natalja!!!

Thank you for the maxi greeting card, even I prefer the stamped postcard, but this maxi greeting card is awesome, you even put a christmast tree with a wonderful lights photo inside. Thanks 🙂
How’s there in Russia? It’s freezing I believe, you wrote, -35°c wow!
The coldest temperature in my home town Bandung is around 18°C hahaha, and it’s verrrryyyy seldom to hit that temperature, only in the certain places and certain condition we can have such a low temperature. My home town is classified as a cool town in this tropical country, because its surrounded by mountains and located in the deep basin. So it is just like a bowl, inside the bowl is my town.
Then, the same as you, I live near a river too, but unfortunately the water color is abnormal.. Lots of garbage issue here.
But I wonder it would be great if during the winter the Volga river you’ve told me will be an ice skating ring. You said it is also the longest one in Europe right.. Wow, and if it is happen to my river… Then it will be a brown ice skating ring… Sad..:(

Anyway, we have bunch of other things we have to grateful. Our natural, cultural, and historical attractions are rich, our people is warm and our food is totally yummy! be sure to visit 🙂



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