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155th: Elena-Russia




“Dear Lena,

Thank you so much for the lovely watercolor bridge in the center of St. Petersburg city! I love the color combination too and its successfully portray there is some warmness in the middle of coldness of Russia. I heard from my friend that Russia is chilly for tropical country people like me.

My city, Bandung has some extreme weather recently, sometimes it’s dry-scorcher and sometimes it’s very cold-windy-humid. It’s rainy season here until the end of May or around mid of June, but I can’t tell which weather are we right now, since I’ve told you before, the weather can change drastically anytime, even only in a few minutes!

But still, I am really grateful Indonesia has only two seasons as a tropical country, but No wonder most people here are very curios with snow. hahaha. I believe the people who live in subtropical country are very strong! They can manage to live in completely different weather every 3 months at least and they have to deal with it..! awesome, hope I can visit your country someday.

be sure to visit us here during your holiday! 🙂



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