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154th: Daska-Russia



“Dear Daska,

Thank you so much for the cute postcard! And thank you for wrote so many stories on it 🙂
As you know I love animation and fairytales so much, even people tell me I’m old enough to this stuff. Well, I think many things that you can learn in keep loving this. And… Age is just a number and grown up bodies is not an issue as long as you have a young soul. Hahaha
Anyway, you wrote on January 9th, so it’s -20°C in Russia a month ago?
It was definitely freezing compared to Indonesia, my city can be classified as the cool one with 18°C as the lowest, but it’s seldomly happen, mostly around 25°C till 35°C. I hope you are doing good there, and I seriously want to visit Moscow someday. It’s a beautiful city I heard from my friend who did a social project there. I wonder how can we as Indonesian who live in tropical country accustomed to this extreme cold weather..
Btw, if you want to visit Bandung, my city, during your holiday please welcome. Natural, cultural, historical are our attractions with yummy food and warm people. Be sure to visit! 😀



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