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Fire Rooster (2568) + bonuses!!!

Yeayyyy The year of Fire Rooster, the year of hard working!!!

I got the latest one stamps, the cover, and postcards of this !!!
The roosters’ design is not as fancy as the previous monkey year 2567, but I love the combination between the simple roosters and the soft blue flower background.


Even its simple but I can feel the aura of ‘Indonesian’ in this type of rooster, since rooster is the animal that people used to keep and breed in Indonesia, especially in the village.

And surprise! I got a calendar of 2017 as a bonus!!! its an unusual calendar because you can ripped it and suddenly its turn into postcards with epic designs!!!

>_< cool! So no waste even if this year end and I don’t need the 2017 calendar anymore.
Well, how it works? Lemme explain, in this calendar we will get 12 postcards in total, but we have to wait to use half of them, because 6 of them are the real calendar consist of the normal date, day and month. These 6 postcards consist of 12 months, it means 2 months each.


Then, the rest half of them are designed to be a postcard.

And.. I also got a vintage nice paper bag with a nice scent for free! Warp all my things I bought inside! 🙂


And the good news is this main post office that I oftenly come will be the one of our new tourist attractions! There will be bunch of things to offer even it is still on progress. It is already decided by our mayor, Ridwan Kamil that this year, our main post office will be the one of our historical attractions. Be sure to visit!

Bye for now!



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