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148th: Michelle-US




“Dear Michelle,

Happy new year for you too! 🙂
I don’t have many holidays though.

Anyway, thanks for the cool night-view of Seattle. Seattle reminds me of a song by Owl City, Hello Seattle! Hehehe.

I always love night-view, city full of lights or village full of stars. I enjoy to see how the lights or the stars can change my feelings gradually. Sometimes it’s enough just to see it when I don’t have so many holidays during “people’s holidays”.

I even have a dream to make my bedroom’s ceiling transparent so I can see the night-sky.
In my city, sometimes we difficult to see the stars because of too many lights. I love lights at night, but miss the stars too. So, when we are having an Earth Hour, it is a nice-timing to see the stars.
We have one of attractions here called “Bukit Bintang” in English means “Star Hill”. From that hill you can camp and see the city lights and stars at the same time. You may google it.
Its separated by mountains (my city Bandung is surrounded by mountains). It seems like the scenery with half below of city lights and half above of stars.. The weather is quite cold too, so make sure you bring your jacket.
Natural attraction is one of our specialities. Be sure to visit! 😀



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