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147th: Lilith Chen-China




“Dear Lilith Chen,

Wow what a long journey postcard!  I see the date is 11-11-2016 (you said it a single day celebration in China… wow what an unique celebration), and yet I received it in the middle.of January 2017. Happy 2017 new year for you and happy rooster  Chinese new year for you too! (even it’s not yet). I collect the Chinese new year stamp and red envelope, so Chinese new year is worth to waiting for, even I’m not originally Chinese.

Anyway, thank you for the monochrome card of Imperial College in Beijing. What a heritage building. ( eighteenth year of Yongle- 1420’s!). Hopefully I have a chance to visit here someday. It’s almost look like the building I used to see when I watch traditional chinese movies. No wonder it was used to be a place where the ancient emperors prayed for prosperity long time ago.

We have bunch of historical buildings with art-deco architecture here in my city, you’ll have many different emotion when you hear each building’s story behind it.


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