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146th: Olga-Russia



“Dear Olga,

Thank you for the lovely christmas card! In Indonesia, Christian is the second biggest population after Islam. During this christmas, I can see many beautiful chrismas trees in many corners of the city. In one of our neighborhood city, the tree even created by the used mineral water bottles in order to reused the bottles trash into something useful. It’s an awesome tree! 🙂

Anyway, Indonesia is an archipelago country consists with 34 provinces. We live in a very diverse religions, languages,and cultures, so we are used to and trained to tolerate each other. It’s not easy though to live with so many differences, you have to deal with many different perspectives, but that’s what make it interesting. My Russian’s friend, Marina, once even said to me that she thought all Indonesian are more like Balinese (Bali is one of our provinces and islands in Indonesia), but then she realized Indonesia is very diverse, and she has so much time to learn it one by one. She decided to learn our national language, Bahasa Indonesia, instead of learning one of our local languages, Sundanese (She has difficult time to decide since it’s too many loca languages in Indonesia hahaha). Even our country’s motto is “Bhineka Tunggal Ika” means “Unity in Diversity”.
Hope you can visit us here someday. My city, Bandung has so many things to offer, especially natural, cultural, and historical attractions.



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