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145th: Anneke-Canada




“Dear Anneke,

Happy new year too for you! Thank you for “a little bit of ‘Olde England'” card. Love the caption: Victoria’s distinctive tour busses await the visitor outside the Empress Hotel.

In Bandung, we have Bandros (Bandung Tour on Bus), Bandros is also the name of our traditional rice cake, my favorite snack during my elementary school days.

Bandros provides to take tourists for wandering around the city. Its has two routes.

1. Historical routes (wandering around heritage buildings, historical areas, and so on) while the tour guides explain the story behind it.

2. Shopping route (wandering around shopping center, you can also buy some souvenirs along the journey).

These two routes are not having a hop in-hop off system, you need to wait the Bandros only in one certain bus stop or else you can’t go with Bandros. Talking about how the Bandros looks like, the appearance of this Bandros is cool, almost look alike the bus on this postcard. you may google it.

be sure to visit us here! 😀



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