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Elmuloka Library

Dear friends,

Dusty library is always become my fave cozy place to lean on my sleepy head. My home town has lots of them and the bad news is i’m a such a sleepy head. Contrary with well-maintenance library, its always wake me up for an instance. I called it EPIC library.

So, you may check some epic libraries article I’ve posted in this blog and I will again post another one today. This one! Elmuloka Library! It is located in jl. Malabar no. 61, Bandung.


These 3 pics are not mine. I took it from pikiran-rakyat.com (my fave local newspaper) and awesome blog of hotarukika.blogspot.id

Those pics are before the renovation.

And for a year (start from this middle of the year and will be ended around April 2017) it will be renovated because the book collections are so many and there is no enough space. So its moved temporary to Jl. Haruman no. 3, Bandung. The library is much smaller than before.



Well, the books are dominated with children books since the owner has a private kindergarten and elementary school near this library, but the book for general purposes, adult fiction, comic are also available.




This is the cozy corner!!! Be sure to visit!



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