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141st: Mikiko-Japan


Dear Mikiko,

thank you so much for the nice postcard! I definitely will make this as one of my fave cards! Love these stamps too esp. the monkey!
Wow you live close to the forest? that’s amazing. There is not many forest in Bandung nowadays. Some people tend to changed it into condo, apartment, department store and so on. They called Bandung as metropolitan city, but I’m not fancy with that. It is true that we have a better access to transportation, city’s attractions, and many more. Unfortunately, our weather which is suppose to be cool rather than any other provinces in Java island, gradually become hotter day by day (FYI: I live in Java island, Indonesia is an archipelago country, so one island consists of some provinces, and one province consists of many cities/regencies).
Not only weather, the result is when the hard raining comes, there are some areas get flooded. At the end of the day, we cannot blame the nature. nature treats us as we treat them. So, right now, there are quite many city revitalization and programs from government and communities to make us love nature more.
Anyway, I’ve been watching Ghibli since Junior High School days and watched Totoro when I was in Senior High School. I got the dvd with so much effort since it was already a quite old movie at that time. This movie always makes me imagine that one day I can to live in that kind of place. It seems so peaceful. Also I wanna go to Ghibli Museum one day!

If you wanna visit Bandung just contact me anytime. We have bunch of things to offer, esp. natural, cultural, historical attractions.

Warm regards,


One comment on “141st: Mikiko-Japan

  1. Mikiko
    December 8, 2016

    Is everything alright with you? I’ve heard about a big earthquake happened close to your place and many people dead.. I hope you are fine. Please stay safe!

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