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Direct Swap: Krzysztof (Tournasol)-Paris

Hi, my name is Krzysztof. I would like to exchange card with you, if you are interested. Thank you in advance for your answer. Have a nice day!


Hi Krzysztof,

Sure I’d love to, I prefer a written postcard. How about you?”

“Hi 🙂 I’m cool, and you? Me too, I prefer a written postcard without envelope. If it possible send me a card with volcanos, please. But if you haven’t, is not problem 🙂 I like to beautiful landscapes or beaches with palms. And you, you’re some preference?

“I suppose I only have a mountain card. I hope you ok with that. You can check my preferences on my fave cards or profile. Anw thx for inviting me a direct swap.

“The mountains I ilke too 🙂

Happy postcrossing :)”

Happy postcrossing!”



Then after 2 weeks, the postcard has arrived. I was surprised because it was very fast, usually it takes 3 weeks to a month for a card after I gave the address to my penpal .

Here is the card!



Hi Krzysztof,

Thank you for the beautiful Conques card you’ve sent me. I hope someday I can visit this town. This is definitely will be one of my fave cards. Oh I see so you live in France but originally from Poland. That’s nice to love traveling and photography and wow editing wikipedia? are you a Wikipedia Contributor?

Anyway, that’s a good news to hear that you plan to visit Indonesia next year. Make sure you experience our natural, cultural and historical attractions along with yummy food and warm people here.


Warm regards from Bandung, Indonesia



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