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Storytelling Festival @Bandung 2016


Dear friends!!!

After await for along time, finally it comes! STORYTELLING FESTIVAL!!! It was only for a day in Gedung Indonesia Menggugat Bandung (Indonesia Menggugat building).
There were 5 international storytellers came. I had a morning tea discussion with them. They told me about their reason in doing storytelling and taught me to be youself when you are telling the story. Be yourself, that’s the most important thing. They were inspiring me a lot.


Storytellers is not just simply the person who tells the stories, it’s more than that. There is a soul in every story delivered. So, no wonder even the story is completely the same, but if it is delivered by different person, then the story will be different too. The voice, the facial expression, the movements, the words, the intonation, the body language, the feeling, the imagination,everything.

Be yourself and practice. Practice to find the essential thing we’ve learned in every single story. Practice to find what we can share to the audience. Practice to tighten the bonding between the souls of the storyteller, audience, and the characters inside the story.
For me, I practice to know myself better. What kind of real “me” that I can challenge to show many different stories with so many characthers. I practice to know other people’s better. What kind of respond will I get, what kind of things they will come up with. Practice to have fun more in this “cruel world” with so many “cruel people” hahaha.
However, it helps me a lot to be more open minded in facing differences. More carefully to judge something.
Wow it becomes so emotional all of sudden.

Anyway, here’s the thing I can bring home.


The postcard of “Cindelaras” and “Timun Mas”. Those are Indonesian Legend.

Cindelaras is a story about the boy named Cindelaras and his undefeatble rooster. His rooster helped him reunited with his father, Raden Putra.

Timun Mas is a story about a girl who escaped from an Indonesian legend monster called Buto Ijo who wanted to eat her.


The postcard I got from here:


Awesome booth. She sold a head fable accesories and books too.

Another booth offered a very interesting stuff as well.


And after got enough wandering around. I watched the amazing story telling performance. What a day!!!


2 comments on “Storytelling Festival @Bandung 2016

  1. Storyteller John Weaver
    December 17, 2016

    Sounds like a wonderful event! I had the pleasure of seeing Sheila Wee tell during the Singapore International Storytelling Festival 2011, and she is just great.

    • #Alexandria C.H.#
      December 18, 2016

      Yep she is!!! She puts her soul inside the story 🙂

      Hope you can visit Indonesia too someday Mr. John Weaver

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