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National Sport Championship 2016


Ms. Hani, she always welcome me if I come to the Philately section in the Center of City Post Office. This pic is not mine, I took it from my fave local newspaper website: http://www.pikiran-rakyat.com


Dear friends,

Every 4 year we held a National Sport Championship in Indonesia or we called in Indonesian as Pekan Olahraga Nasional (PON) along with Paralympic Championship  (PEPARNAS)  . Every province will get their turn to be the host. In this year, West Java, my province is proudly be the host in PON XIX and PEPARNAS XV of 2016.

The most interesting part for me is to collect the super rare Stamp of Gold Medal with Pencak Silat (Indonesia’s martial art) design on it. Then I got a sports compilation postcard.  There were also postcard collection with 15 designs and the 12 stamp sports designs on the four 1st day covers. So each cover sticked 3 stamps.

So exciting! The PON XIX held from September 17th till 29th, 2016 while the PEPARNAS XV held from October 15th till 24th, 2016.


And if you are wondering, why the mascot is monkey?

I’ll give you the complete answer. As what I read:

The mascot was designed by Tony Suhendar from my home town, Bandung. The mascot is a couple of monkey. This type of monkey called Surili in Sundanese FYI Sundanese is a local tribe in West Java province in Indonesia, which is Bandung is apart of them. It is a rare type of monkey from West Java.

In English Surili has many names; Javan Surili,Grizzled Leaf Monkey, Java Leaf Monkey, dan Javan Grizzled Langur. In Latin we called it as Presbytis comata.

This Surili couple has name indeed. Lala for the boy  and Lili for the girl. The differences are in the eyelashes and outfit. Lili has longer eyelashes and tend to wear a feminine color such as pink and other pastel colors while Lala is wear more masculine color and has a shorter eyelashes.

In the head of their head there are a traditional Sundanese accesories called “iket”.  As our Vice Governer said this mascot shows  the strong character of West Java people which are  cageur, bageur, bener, jeung pinter (healthy, humble, honest, dan smart).




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