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Direct Swap: Ksyusha-Russia

Ksyusha is my penpal from Russia. Such a nice student girl. She send me a letter along with many gifts and postcard. I wrote this as soon as I received her postcard on October 2016 without envelope as she usually sent me. She sent this card on September 1st, 2016. Sorry for the late post.



Dear Ksyusha,


Thank you for the cute puppy having a breakfast! hahaha 😀

I’ve already sent you a letter with postcards and some gifts inside an envelope. So bad to hear that you’re not receiving this yet. Hopefully when I write this you’ve already received it.

Bandung is the same as Russia now, the rainy season has come. Its predicted my city will have a hard raining with quite cold weather until the end of march next year. There will be raining on April until June too, but its not as much as a few months before. I’m doing good here. Rainy season makes me feel so melancholy. I use my motorcycle to go to work so I have to prepare a raincoat everyday, but not for the umbrella. Raincoat is enough.

Glad to know that winter season is about to come there, your fave season right?. Hope you’re doing fine and keep your health in a good condition. I heard from my friend that Russia during winter is extremely chilly. How’s your study anyway?






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