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Archetype: Merekam Nalar 2016 Postcard Exhibition


Dear Friends,

On Oct 7th, 2016 I went to Postcard Exhibition in one of historical building in Bandung: Gedung Indonesia Menggugat. It held from September 29th till October 7th, 2016. yep! I went in the last day. There were at least 700 postcards in exhibition made by Indonesian’s artists, activists, citizens, students, and communities. The main theme is HUMAN RIGHTS.

When I arrived there was discussion and the room had already full so I decided to moved to two other rooms where the exhibition was held. There were some tables with so many postcards. Pen, standing postcards, and postcards on the table. Standing postcards are the postcards that already written by other visitors and you only can see it without adding something to it. The postcards on the table is free for you.

I thought it was the free postcards that we can brought home, but it was not.  You may choose one postcard on the table and write something regarding to the card you choose on the blank side. There were women rights, military rights, farmer rights,  many other profession rights, people rights, critic to the government, bunch of human rights cases that happened in Indonesia, and so on. I chose the women rights one, the card portray women as an object you can sell, a slave to make money by selling and exposing their body. The message I take is women is actually a subject, they are equal with men, and have a right to be treated better, not only valued by how beautiful her face is or how good her body is.


Well, this is the things I can show you.


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