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138th: Chiu Chiu-Taiwan

20161031_092646.jpg“Dear Chiu Chiu,

Thank you so much for sending me 6 blank postcards instead of one written postcard. I like written postcard, but sending me these cool 6 postcards make me so excited. 🙂
I’ll send you 5 blank postcards along with my gratitude letter inside an envelope. Hope you like it.

Anyway, Indonesia doesn’t celebrate Halloween, but some theme parks or malls use this celebrations to get people’s attraction and it works.
Anyway, thank you for sending me 2 hillarious halloween cards (I don’t understand Taiwanese but the pictures tell so, that the vampire is cutting the nail and the pumpkin-man is serving the pumpkin pudding). Correct me if I’m wrong.
I also like the outter space rabbit and dolpin comic panel. However, my fave one is the man and woman are eating the food on the boat. I love the way they smile. Thank you!
I think I must continue to learn Taiwanese language.
I met my 3 Taiwanese friends a week ago in Bandung, my home town. Very nice people. So, be sure to visit Indonesia in your next holiday! We have lots of things to offer! 🙂



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