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“Dear Julia,

Thank you for the lovely Mallorca tram! I love it! I hope someday I can make a visit to your town and hop on this.
Honestly I love to ride train so much more than any other public transportations. It feels romantic and nostalgic somehow.
I went to Transportation Museum (Museum Angkut) in Malang city, Batu, East Java a week ago. It takes 16 hours by train from my home town, Bandung which is located in West Java. I discovered so many surprises things there.. You should visit this museum someday! There are lots of our public transportation and daily transportation we usually used back then and now. There are lots of other countries’ public trasportation as well. We can learn its history and so on in a fun way. We even can try to ride those and take a photo for free! Only need to pay for the entrance ticket tho (it’s cheap anyway).
Well, you will discover bunch of things here in Indonesia because we’re a vast archipelago country, be sure to come and explore here 🙂



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