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134th: Lisa-US



“Hello Lissa!

Thank you for the cool postcard of “Puu Kuutamossa” pattern by Maija Isola, 1979 by Marimekko. Noted! I searched for the Marimekko:100 postcards which was appeared directly on my search engine right away when I typed: Marimekko post…
I like the bold colored patterns on the 100 postcard collections. Thanks!
Talking about weather I suppose not only Michigan has the extreme weather. Me, in Bandung has the “wavering” weather, it begins with the very hot and shiny day and it turns cold out of the blue because it’s suddenly raining in the late afternoon till evening. So, we always have to prepare an umbrella and rain coat in the whole year.
However, our main attractions are remain the same here, you may find out lots of things to explore here in Indonesia since we are an archipelago country, my home town’s main attractions are history, culture, natural, and of course fashion and culinary. Be sure to visit!

Warm regards,


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