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133rd: Galina-Ukraine


I wrote this in Oct 10th.. Sorry for the late post. I’ve been extremely busy lately.


Dear Galina! “Happy world post day! 😀

Actually it was yesterday on Oct 9th right? But I still get the atmosphere of it.
Anyway thank you so much for the lovely card! I definetely like it!
I always remember Kiev is such a beautiful city when my friend went there and told the stories. I also sometimes eat “Chicken Kiev” in the restaurant. Chicken is on my top list when I eat out. I found there are lots of restaurants in my home town that offer a Chicken Kiev in the western food menu. Is it originally from Kiev? Do you eat chickens a lot there?
I hope someday I can visit Kiev! 🙂

My home town Bandung has so many cafes and restaurants with mouthwatering food and yummy beverage with a low price!..since it is one of the tourism object cities, so it’s such a privilige for me who love to eat excessively hahaha. Beside that, we also has tons of historical, cultural, and natural attractions with cool weather around 24°C. Be sure to visit!



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