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132nd: Pavlina-Chezh Republic


Dear Pavlina,

Thank you for the cheerful card of the Czech Comics “Ctyrlistek” (how you pronounce it?).
I want to read it for sure. It seems have an interesting story.

Anyway, talking about cheerful, my homentown, Bandung right now is celebrating a cheerful moment of the 206th anniversary. It was actually on September 25th, Bandung was born and we have some annual celebrations in comemorating it. We have light festival in the weekend, bazaar, food and beverage festival, clothing and small enterprise market, and so on. Be sure to visit! The events will be ended at the end of October!



“Hi Alexandria,
I am glad, that You are interested in czech comics Čtyřlístek – in english Lucky Four (4 leaf clover) and pronunciation is very difficult, because letter “ř” is something special only for czech language:) And Your celebrations and festival in city Bandung seems very very interesting too, I love markets with food, beverage or something else:)
So I wish You merry celebration!!


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