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Toys and Games Republic V, 2016

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Dear friends,

I went to 5th Toys and Games Republic 2016 in Trans Studio Mall Bandung. The event was not only all about toys and games but also comic (komik.bdg) and anything related to it. Komik.bdg is a forum of Bandung’s comic as creative industry. I met lots of amazing people here.

I thought it was free, but then I have to pay for 20k rupiah for the ticket, my niece who is a junior high student that came along with me was quite shocked. @_@. That amount is quite expensive for the junior high school student. But anyway she never regreted, coz this event was worth it.

The ticket. It has many character on it.


Then let’s check my postcards hunting time!

1. The first booth that I’ve visited and got many goodies from here: you may follow this nice comic in facebook, twitter, and instagram: hanadancaraka. Yep its Hana dan Caraka’s by Oray Studio booth. Even I didn’t get the postcard, I satisfied enough with the free doll key chain, comic notes, traditional musical instrument from bamboo, and canvas tote bag. The comic is nice, its undirectly criticize Bandung city’s problems with a comical way and full of local sense of humour. I hope someday its translated into English.


2. As usual from my fave booth in the similar comic events I’ve attended in Bandung. This booth is never absent, Hell-mates comic circle. It has a strong local humour which I like most, honest social and political critic and simple story. You may like its page in the Facebook: Hell-Mates Circle. I knew thic comic circle when I attended an open house event in Goethe institute several years ago.


3. This is also one of my fave booths. The owner named Lia Hartati. Even she was not graduated from art major, but Japanese Language major, she really creatives in drawing, making a doodle. Moreover, her hobby in making a good healthy food for his father made her initiated to make postcards about Indonesia traditional cuisine. Ahhh I’m in love with the design and will be very proud if sending these to my penpals. You may visit her wordpress at: lovetosketch.wordpress.com or facebook Lia Hartati.

Ah! I also got a book mark of my fave chara in Alice in Wonderland, Cheshire Cat, because I sketched on an empty paper for her as a “visitor’s signature that visit her booth”.


4. Instead of getting postcards, I got sticker in this booth. It reminds me with a character I usually watched on TV around 90’s when I was a kid. It brings back many memories. The creator named himself as Rock Mate and you may visit his other humorous masterpieces on facebook or instagram: jimi_imi_imi


5. Masterpieces. It has deep meaning in every artwork. I love how the creator potrays Islam in art. Unfortunately, I forget the creator’s name. Anyone can help?


6. If you read Webtoon/id. Indonesian Webtoon site, you’ll recognize this art. Its created by Archie the Red Cat. I’ve been knowing him since I was in elementary school, my fave magazine “Animonster” that I bought monthly made him as one of the ilustrators there (as far as I know). I read many of his masterpieces and “Eggnoid” is one of his successful comics. The comic is released in webtoon. It always hits the top 5 chart so far and now still ongoing. However I always love when he draws in full color artworks with colored pencil or watermark, especially pastel colors since Eggnoid is Romance for girls genre.




alright then that was my adventure here.

Ah! In addition you may visit ericnoah.com and ericnoah.bigcartel.com

His artwork is remarkable. If you visit Bandung you’ll see his mural on the wall in some of areas in centre of the city.





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