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128th: Roman & Anastasia- Russia



Dear Anastasia and Roman,

Thank you for the sepia card of the symbol of Saint Petersburg. It’s nice.

Talking about Russia, I joined student exchange community and met many Russians. They are nice. One of them is coming from St. Petersburg, her name is Olga. She said my home town, Bandung is quite hot for Russian. I believe so, because when my friend (Indonesian and live in Bandung) went to Russia, she said Russia was so cold.
However Indonesia, esp. Bandung is a nice place to spend your summer or winter holiday. The sun shines all over the year (20-35°C for Bandung’s weather) since we are a tropical country, and also you can go to many beautiful places here since we are an archipelago country. Olga said after the student exchange program is over, she plans to explore Indonesia more for 2 weeks. Well…you never get enough for Indonesia.
We have bunch of natural, cultural, historical attractions here. Be sure to visit!!! 🙂





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