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125th: Amber- Taiwan




Dear Amber,

Thank you for your lovely card of old Fongyi Academy. I love the watercolor effect on the card. My home town, Bandung has bunch of vintage buildings as well. It is so nice if you walk down the street in the late afternoon, especially during this month (even there is no much different in the other months, but usually the rainy season starts on september until february, the rest are dry season, but its so unpredictable lately).
I walked down the street on my way home after my part time job today.The nice weather (around 25-28 °c) and beautiful sunset made me stop for a while and sat on the bench.
Even there were so many vehicles and I had oftenly trapped in traffic jam too, I love my city a lot. I often wandering around the city by myself and see many different perspectives. I enjoy it in so many certain ways.
You may have a visit here during your holiday and I can give you a tour for free.



“Hi, Alexandria! Thanks for your inviting me to visit your country and free tour. : ) I visited your website, it is very great, I really appreciate your hard-working!

Best regards.





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