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Holiday Postcards in Beach and Mountain

Dear friends,


For all Moslem around the world. Greetings from INDONESIA!!! Happy Eid Al Fitr 1437H.

In Indonesia its well known as Lebaran or Idul Fitri celebration. It is held in 1st of Syawal month. After fasting 1 month (1st-29th or 30th of Ramadhan)  from sunrise till sunset. After 1 month fasting I feel so refresh and my digestive system feels so.

Islamic calendar is different with Gregorian calendar that we usually used.  So at the end of the day, Ramadhan or Syawal and any other months in Islamic calendar will be always changing from year to year if we use Gregorian calendar as the calculation benchmark.

During the celebration in Indonesia, we usually have a long holiday since Moslem is majority among the population, so we can clasified this as a huge celebration that needs a long holiday. It’s approximately 1-2 week(s) holiday.

Unfortunately, for this year, I still have to go to work.. And then during the tight agenda of working,  I need to follow the open house and gathering with family tradition. It’s nice, but I still want to go somewhere else if I have a longer holiday. Beach or mountain are wonderful.

However, when I clean up my room, I remember that I haven’t posted the postcards which I’ve got from Bali island beach and Bromo mount, Java island long time ago.


1. Bali island Beaches, Indonesia

Bali island is one the islands in Indonesia. Our country is an archipelago country, no wonder we have bunch of islands.

I went here around 2012. Lots of foreign tourists came here to spend their vacation. And in some places they more foregin tourists rather than local tourists. It makes me as a local one feels strange in my own country. Hahaha.

The beaches are nice, love the nice scent of the beach here. I always love to take a deep breath everytime I go to the beach and feel the scent.


The free upside down map (caricature version) of Bali. I hope there is a postcard for this.


Free ad-postcards. I got almost 20 of it. Most Beautiful ad-cards that I have so far and Bali is so generous for this.



2. Bromo Mount (Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park), East Java, Java island, Indonesia

Full of efforts to come here at the end of 2014 with my family.  But it’s really worthed for what I’ve got. The scenery, the sunrise, the experiences. Wahhhh

I slept in local resident’s house. It was freezing, gladly the shower had the warm water. The food they cooked is mouthwatering and they were so warm in welcoming us.

I got awesome postcards that I bought from the souvenir seller even it’s quite expensive from I usually have. US$1.5



So how about you?

Mountain or beach?

Hope in the next holiday I can explore the new places that I haven’t been before.







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