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Pakoban 2016 Stuff

Dear all friends,


Still remember the article entitled “Pakoban Stuff” that I’ve posted more than a year ago? Yep! And right now Pakoban 5th, 2016 is back!!!

I’ve prepared myself both physically and mentally (financial matter is included here gyahahaha) … Exaggerated…ikr.. But who cares… I really into it.

unnamed (1)

However,  Pakoban is the annual event and Bandung, my hone town, is rare to held this kind of event. Well, fyi, Pakoban stands for PAsar KOmik BANdung which means Bandung Comic Market literally. So, bunch of local comic artists are gathered and sell their comic and merchandise here, and of course I can get their autograph (this is my fave part, since the value of book will be completely different if you have the autograph of the author on it #feels).

Since I was a child, I always love comic and their brothers (cartoon, manga, anime, visual novel, short story with pictures and so on… You name it). We are comrade in arms. You can mess with me, go ahead.  but… not with them. Hahahaha


Well, well.. Then let’s see… What I’ve got here.


This is my fave from all postcards I got. It is made by one of comic studio in Bandung. The pictures show many different beauty from every part of Indonesia. As you may know, Indonesia is an archipelago country. We have different race, religion, culture, language, custom. But each of them are beauty and we are united in diversity. Some big islands in Indonesia are Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi, Papua New Guinea, and the rest of a hundred thousands of islands.


My fave comic magazine (Re:ON. This fancy red tote bag with chara doodle from many comic compilation published by Re:ON. I even got the cute postcard of “My Dearest Irina” 


The compilation graphic of doa (paragraph of pray) for moslem. Pray before take a bath, before eat, before living home. So creative..


Colorful postcards from GarudaBoi comic. Garuda bird is our national symbol. I suppose Boi is for “Boy”

@gadiscaleuy and @pierrerangga.



I got the comic along with the chara origami to play with.





Still the same studio (circle) as @mukhlisnur, she is @annmaulina i love her artwork so much! Look at the three stunning postcards of hers

1.many name cards from local comic artist and cartoon/game makers,

2. The postcard from hellmates circle that I collect. It always makes me laugh with the identical Indonesian and Sundanese youngsters jokes. And beside from Hellmates circle, I collect many humorous comic stickers and postcards.. It made my day 😉




@opridkecepit. These were just awesome.



Whoaaaa… Alright! Those were the stuff that I got from this Pakoban. See you next year!




Love and Live



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