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117th: Keiiong- Taiwan



Dear Keiiong,

Thank you so much for the awesome postcard! I love the tosca color and the details of the map.
Taiwan is one of my top list countries to visit, a month ago I joined the national public speaking championship and the 1st winner will go to Kaohsiung, Taiwan for the Asian Pacific championship, sadly I got 2nd, it was 2 points difference.
I’ve already planned if I get the 1st, I want to visit my penpal that I met in Postcrossing from Taiwan, she is nice and an university student majoring soil and environmental science (both of you are amazing to take such a huge concern to the environment as your major) so sad I have to cancel it at the end.

Anyway you may visit me here in Indonesia, we have bunch of natural, cultural, and historical attractions. We are an archipelago country and I live in West Java island, Bandung city. If you want to visit Bandung, feel free to contact me, I can give you a tour for free




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