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109th: Khusha- Russia


IMG_20160502_2.png“Dear Khusha,

It’s very sweet of you to send the postcard in the envelope with a cool stamp. I love the St. Petersburg: Neva River scenery during the public event (The Scarlet Sails). I wish I were there. Same as Russia, Bandung, my home town has bunch of annual event celebrating the end of school year. We have some pedestrian spots that we usually use to held the event. You can buy our souvenirs there for half price too. We are famous for our fashion, yummy food, and cool place with historical buildings. What an experience!

We also have bunch of natural, historical, and cultural attractions. If you have a holiday, you may visit me here and I can give you a tour for free!

Anyway, I was surprise that you send many fancy things! I love the used stamps, the book mark, and the movie cover advertisement of Russia inside the envelope. Thank you! 😀

If you don’t mind may I ask your full address? I want to send a postcard and lil’ things from Indonesia to return your favor.




She has replied and sent her full address. Then I have sent her the letter along with the limitted stamps and envelope of Total Solar Eclipse which Indonesia was the only witnessed in this year.

I don’t understand Russian, and used google translate, so she said sort of gratitude:

“Спасибо!!))Я с нетерпением буду ждать!=)
Я обязательно напишу когда дойдёт Ваше письмо)


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