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107th: Grita- Lithuania

“Dear Grita,


Thank you so much for the peaceful scenery of Lithuanian country side! I love this postcard a lot! 🙂
My fave flower is Dandelion, it is so nice to see dandelion flower farm and I imagine myself live there in one of the houses. Every morning breath the refreshing air and feel the warmed morning sunlight. Ahhhh.. So nice.

When lots of bad things happen, I enjoy myself to escape for a moment in this kind of places. It calms me somehow.Your postcard helps me into it. I hope someday I can visit your country and make a visit to stay over night in this place.

My home town, Bandung is quite hectic city nowadays, lots of vehicles. You have lots of public transportation options if you want to wandering around here. The good news is you can choose whatever public transportations you like, bad news is pollution. Gratefully we are the city of flowers and have lots of city parks, it also has the sun that always shines all the year, with approximately 25°C of warm weather. Our main attractions are natural, historical, and cultural attractions.
It’s nice to spend your next holiday here since you love traveling, Indonesia esp. Bandung definitely must included on your list.






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