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106th: Julie- Belarus




Dear Julie,

Thank you for the cute daily life cartoon on your postcard. I love it!
I hope someday I can visit there and become one of the people who cross the street.

People and their activities in daily life always catch my attention. I love to go to high places such as overpass and see the people from above and their type of expression. The busy with their smart phone one, the happy chit chat with their friend one, the sulky one, the normal one with empty soul hahaha (no expression at all, I believe this type are still day-dreaming), the pretty one with a painful high heel, the loner, the fidgeted one, the lovey dovey one and so on so on. Somehow it’s refreshing and make my day to wat them one by one.

Anyway, Bandung, my home town is pretty crowded city with so many atrractions, esp. natural, historical, and cultural. Be sure to visit here and I can give you a tour for free!


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