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105th: Alla-Russia




Dear Alla,

It’s nice to see the firm old building you’ve sent me. I like this postcard thank you.
We have bunch of old buildings here in my home town, Bandung. Most of them are becoming preserved building and nobody allowed to change the building structure. Renovation is ok but not for change it completely. There are also some of them that had already changed in order to build a business area and so on. They destroyed it and government was lacked at supervision at that time. So, our history in those buildings are just his-story.

So learn from the past, every people including the common residents until government are working together to supervise it now.
Fortunately, I live here in Bandung, I always enjoy to see the vintage building while imagining what’s happening back then. Wondering what’s the story inside the building. Maybe 25 years ago, 50 , or maybe 100, or 1000 years ago?
You may come visit me here in Bandung. I can give a tour for free.

Warm regards,




Hellooooo Bandung!!))
Hello from Nizny Novgorod!))
Dear Alexandria, I’m glad that you like the card!))

It’s so nice that you’re inviting me to visit you^^ Thank you!!! But you’re so far away from me! Maybe you’ll go to Russia then you may visit me here:):):)

I met live with only one postcrosser:) He is from USA, Chicago. We met in Belarus))) It’s so funny!!!!))))

Hugs from Russia,


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