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103rd: Marcela- Poland


Dear Marcella,
This Agata Dobrzanska’s postcard view is so lovely. I love a melancholic view of an empty road with a small cat that you sent me. It seems have a deep nostalgic feeling that I difficult to describe. Warming.
I visited her website:  https://www.postallove.pl/Autorzy/Agata-Dobrzanska and found many echanted works of hers. Mostly in autumn season. Thank you.

I always love autumn season, the color of the trees, leaves, houses, all of them look so wonderful. Autumn for me is always nice whatever its cold, humid, wet it is (yeah maybe I never experienced live for along time in the autumn season country, so I can say that). Still, the scenery that I can capture as far as I know is always priceless, especially the countryside scenery during that season. When I was a child my mom loved to buy me an ilustrated storybook. One of my fave one is the story about the rabbits family. The rabbits family lived in the countryside of nowhere. I opened the page carefully and stunned with the lovely ilustration of the rabbit’s house during autumn season. Unfortunately I forgot where I put it, if I’m not mistaken mom was already gave it to my niece… Or if it’s a mistake, then now the book is in my old warehouse upstairs.
But then from that time I always imagine my future house is a house with a nice scent of an oak wood as the wall built by that wood, side by side with the red bricks. Its surrounded by so many colorful autumn trees and at the same time the leaves fly away along with the cold wind, tempted you to boil hot tea on the teapot.

My country, Indonesia is an archipelago tropical country so we only have 2 seasons: dry and rainy. It is a nice destination to visit in your summer or winter long holiday. We have bunch of natural, historical, cultural attractions. Make sure to visit!




Love and Live,



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