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Where did I put my Letter Set?!

Dear friends,

How’s life?

I finally have a pen friend called Sunny. She’s a nice and smart girl from Taiwan. The one who wrote a beautiful poem on her postcard that she sent me before. We knew each other from postcrossing indeed.

But disaster! I forget where I put my letter set because it has been along time since I sent letters to my friends in elementary school. I really enjoyed exchange the letters with them back then. My best friends who moved to the other cities even the other countries live that too. Always the same reason, they moved because they were coming along with their parents ( they moved for parent’s job placement usually). Cellular phone and pager were unaffordable as well as the phone credit at that time. Internet was not my best friend too. So the only way to got connected was by letter. It was so much fun!, I wrote them and almost full 2 weeks later I got the letter from them. They always wrote me back. Sometimes we put our small little stuff that we collected inside the envelope, such as photos of our idol, fragranced mini eraser, sticker, key chain, coin, nice printed tissue, unique paper design, greeting card, postcard, etc.

I stopped to send them the letters when I was in junior high school since they did not write me back anymore. I was afraid that they already moved to somewhere and my letter will be received by stranger. Gratefully when social media becomes popular among youngsters, I can find them, well not all of them though. 😦

Anyway, even I stopped writing letter, I still collect the letter sets. It’s delightful to look at them one by one of their beautiful designs, smell of the papers, and touch it by your fingertips. I admit that I feel the special sensation by doing those kind of things. Kinda nostalgic, longing feeling. Sometimes people called me strange because of my excitement in random things. Well that’s me. I feel like letter and stuff have the soul of the sender and I who received it can feel it somehow.

But then, I put my letter set collection along with my best friends’s letter somewhere in order to keep it safe from dust. And… i forget!

I beg you to reveal yourself by now! If its even possible…  ;(

But I found unexpected tiny lil stuff from my childhood:



The BONUSES of my fave magazine!.

Me and my very best friend loved anime and manga so much. Our favorite magazine was ANIMONSTER and some comic magazine such as Shonen Magz, Nakayoshi Indonesian version, etc. Animonster is the best! Even it was quite expensive for elementary school student, we still buy it sometimes. Or… Borrow it from the nearest library. But of course we can not get the bonus if we borrow (there were pin up, poster, postcards, key chain, booklet, refrigerator magnet, mini card, maxi card and etc) I always collect the bonuses! Priceless!

It brings back many memories. However, Animonster has already moved online and won’t be any printed issue released nowadays. So… See? There will be no random things of excitement in looking forward to every month’s issue, no queue in the book store to buy it, and its only become a picture and text on your device. This is the real lost.

Printed is irreplacable. It reminds me to one of marketing advertisement of photo studio. “Dicetak lebih baik dan abadi” sort of “printed is better and everlasting” . hahahaha 😀


Looking for something lost,



P.S: I still can’t find the letter set. However, It makes my room cleaner because I swept all of the corners and checked all of the dusty boxes in my room. Hehehe.


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