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Post Office’s Filateli Corner

Dear friends,


I’ve invited to an event (I’ll tell you the detail about this event later) in Post office building in the downtown. It is another big post office besides the centre of Post Office on Jl. Asia Afrika (I’ve already posted it), Bandung. It is located on Jl. Banda, Bandung.

As usual the corner is always the most fancy one. Yep! Filateli’s corner! Compared to the Post office center, it is way more sophisticated with transparent glass all around the corner. It’s kinda a special shop that you need to put your bag before you enter, but nahhh it’s not.

The corner is seriously very exclusive!

Before you enter, you’ll see the (kind of) robots in human size. There are actually coming from the costume-maker competition among elementary school students in Indonesia for celebrating the annual event of anti-corruption day which cooperated with Indonesia’s post office. So, if you take a look the robots closely, you’ll find a Post Office’s mark in the costume.






And look this President Soekarno’s big picture, it’s made of…?



Anyway, despite the looks of the corner,the shopkeeper admitted that the post office center is rather complete than here eventhough the package of everything is waaaaay nicer.

I found an SPH (Sampul Hari Pertama– first day’s cover: the first day’s cover that you’ll get when the certain stamp is published) of the Year of the Monkey 2566 here. They said the center is updated faster than here. For your information, Indonesia’s post office had published it approximately a month before Chinese New Year was held, unfortunately it was wrong-printed as 2565, which was supposedly 2566!

Bad news: Disaster

Good news: Rare items detected.

Unfortunately, some of them were already sold out and the rest were pull of circulation. But then after 3 months at least I got the re-published SPH. So check what I got sucessfully:


Perfect isn’t it? These are the year of the Monkey Postcard with the stamps. There are 3 versions of these: blue, red, and green.

Each color represents different characther (s) of Javanese Wayang (indonesia’s traditional puppet) story

  1. Blue: Anggada and Anila
  2. Red: Hanoman
  3. Green: Subali and Sugrina

I came back And the SPH (after waiting for the re-publihed):


However, I couldn’t resist the temptation to looked at other postcards. And look what I’ve got! The most fancy postcard ever!


Artistic archipelago with our blood’s and bone’s colors… The flag! I mean look at the shape and the detail! I want to make it as poster sticked on my room’s wall if it’s bigger.

Another epic one:


Look at these colors.. I wonder I could memorize all of them since I used public transportation a lot in the past. Bandung lautan “angkot”–angkot is abbreviation for angkutan kota which means public transportation city car. So Bandung is the city of bunch of colorful public transportation car. Its the sea of Angkot. Hahaha. And the description of the Angkot behind the postcard:

Angkot (Abbreviation from: Angkutan Kota) “is a mode of transport which falls between both taxicabs and busses. These vehicles for hire are typically smaller than busses and usually take passengers on a fixed or semi-fixed route without timetables, but instead departing when all seats are filled. They may stop anywhere to pick up or drop off passengers.”

Nice explanation! No objection… As Bandungers it’s… Well no wonder we prefer to use our personal tranportion.

Then I got this beautiful card as well:


I always love Wayang (Indonesia’s traditional puppet), there are 2 types of Wayang: Wayang kulit (made from cow’s skin) and Wayang golek (made from wood)

Three of them are created by lostinindonesia.tumblr.com



Move to another one. I got:



One of my fave anime since I was in kindergarten DORAEMON!

Finally! Indonesia post office published it! I’ve visited the expo in Jakarta with my friends almost a year ago. So it’s so nice that now I have the official postcard and stamp of it After waiting for a year.

Woooo I have bunch of things that I want to share with you regarding my activities or collection lately. Pls read my other articles!

Thank you


Live and Rock,

Alexandria \>_</






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