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98th: Russell- New Zealand



“Dear Russell,

It’s nice to see the view of the most southern major city in the world, Invercargill. Thank you 🙂

The Boer War clocktower memorial is so old (1907-now 2016!) yet its still standing steadily on that spot. I’m curious to read the Boer War further and hope someday I can standing there. Observe the real view of this beautiful city.

For me personally, war is always ended painful. Up till now I always against war. There are lots of victims, too many innocent victims in every single war. Especially women and children. My heart always ache everytime I have to read my own history book at school back then and so articles or books which told so many truth behind it. I believe there are still so many untold stories that unrecorded during that occurrence.

In Bandung, my home town there are lots of historical building and memorial war monuments. You may visit our museum “Sri Baduga” and “Asia Africa Conference” to learn about it further if you are interested to historical stuff. Make sure to visit here during your next holiday!

Warm regards,



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