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96th: Sunny- Taiwan


“The spring of Wuling is filled with the subtle yet enchanting smell of peach blossoms, plum blossoms, and apple blossoms blooming in the mountains and valley.

In summer, ripening fruit hanging high on the branches will tempt your taste buds with their bright juicy skin;

deep into autumn, fiery mapple leaves framed by the mountains will seduce you with their dance;

as winter steps in, crystal white snow covers the peaks of the mountains, portraying the typical aura of the northern countries”.

— by Sunny





Dear Sunny,

Thank you so much for the breath-taking scenery you’ve sent me through the postcard! I love it indeed!

Your poetry is so lovely.. I hope someday I can visit your home town and see this scenery with my own eyes.
Make sure to visit me here in Bandung in your next holiday. My home town Bandung is a lovely city with so many parks and nice vintage building with an art deco style. It is well known as “The City of Flower” as well as “Parijs van Java”, the Paris in Java island.
We have bunch of things to offer, especially natural, historical, and cultural attractions.
I can give you a city tour for free! 🙂

Anyway, I am looking for a pen friend too. I hope we can become a pen friend and exchange letters in the near future.






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