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95th: Erika- Germany



“Dear Erika,

Thx a lot for the calmed, tamed, and gorgeous monkey you’ve sent me through the postcard. I love it!
No wonder this is the masterpiece from Germany’s famous painter, Albrecht Durer.

I hope someday I can visit your home town, which is you’ve mentioned as the most beautiful region in Germany: Lake Constance, Southwest. I searched it and it sure it is!

Talking about home town, recently Bandung, my home town has expanded green environment areas in many spots of the city, “public theme park” we called it. Our mayor said it is one of the efforts to make the people happier. It works. My home town becomes so green yet sophiscated since each park has their own theme along with many useful stuff that supported the theme. We won many awards for this. You should visit me here for sure. We have bunch of natural, historical, cultural attractions here. Just contact me and I’ll give a tour for free! 🙂


Btw, your quote is very nice, ” do jot regret growing older, it is a privilige denied by many”. Age sure is a blessing from the God.”


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