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94th: Judith- Netherland




Dear Judith,

Thank you so much for the breath-taking sceneries on the postcard you have sent me!
I love it! especially the sea. It is so peaceful, I hope I can spend my holiday there with my family someday.

If holiday come, my family and I usually go to the beaches or mountains around Indonesia. As you may know, Indonesia is an archipelago country so we have bunch of beaches and mountains.
Our favorite beach and mountain are the nearest and quite famous in West Java which we can catch a few hours by car, since my Mom and Dad are quite old and getting tired easily recently.
One of our favorite nearest beach is Pangandaran beach. It is lovely to use your swim board there swaying with a tamed wave along with so many attractions beside the sea such as green canyon, monkey & deer conservation, yummmmmyyy cuisine, and nice weather.
Then our favorite mountain is Tangkuban Parahu (upside-down boat, translation from Sundanese language, our local language in West Java) near my home town, Bandung city. It has an interesting legend behind it, you should check it out. It also has an awesome scenery.

Be sure to visit! 🙂



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