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Learn How to enjoy and explore LIFE



French Version

1 plus 1 font 2
2 plus 1 fait 3
3 moins 1 sous le M toit

Tu me dis racine
Les larmes ou la pluie
Fait chavirer les nuages
Et si le soleil
Descendra du ciel
Dans une heure,
Une vie,
Une semaine,
Une semaine et demie,
Une année,
Un million d’années,

Un peu loin des yeux
plus tout près de toi
Je ne compte que sur mes doigts
Si par coeur brisé
Je n’ai que des A
Est-ce que tu reviens, Papa


English Version

minus 2 times minus 3 6Y you end up with 5
X plus 3Y times 2 XXY rewrite equation 1
Have I made you cry
Have I made you sad
Have I made you proud Mom?
Will I ever know
How white is the snow
Does it matter after all
Will I ever learn
How to fly like  birds
In an hour
In a day
In a week
In a thousand weeks
In a year
In a million years
Are you going to school
Are you far from home
Are you well alone

Will I be a brave?

Will I be a bright?

Will I be a good grown up?




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I have been in love with this “Little Prince” song a lot, since it played in the movie for the first time. As in my previous article, the movie as long as the OST are well made.

There was a little girl (the name was not mentioned until the end of the movie, and she can be called as “the little girl” officially, since the movie’s official website told so), who always being pushed to ran with the PLANS AGENDA in order to became a WELL-GROWN UP based on her mother’s definition. There was no plan agenda for Playing, then no play. 

It changed when the Little Girl met a retired Aviator Grandpa. The Grandpa taught her a lot how to changed her monohrome world into a colorful one.

Equation was not your only life. Make it more than that! Something unpredictable! challenge yourself! explore bunch of things! Then you will see the world differently…

But always remeber the “stars”.

“All grown-ups were children once — although few of them remember it”. Love the author, Antoine De Saint Exupery!




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