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The Little Prince

I’m watching “THE LITTLE PRINCE” by now. I write this while listening to the ending song.

images (4)The film blows my mind up, fly my imagination away. No other words suit this best. I love the adaptation to the film. I read the book at the beginning of 2015. My best friend lent me. She said it was a phylosphical book. A children book with much thought. I had many difficulties in understanding each chapter, each page, and each sentence. Tried to figured out what those difficult words which written in English were, since English is not my mother tongue. After understanding it, I need to contemplate about what were the hidden messages behind it. Aviator, desert, snake, elephant, rose (s), fox, planets, even the stars. Those things are not literally has the same meaning here right.. Deeper than that, and the context in the story makes it even deeperimages (5)


I re-read it 2 times. I’m not fully understand what the author (Saint Exupery) tries to preceive the world through “The Little Prince”, but I get his message though.

The film confirmed my understanding, that’s why I can say I’m satisfied by the film. But if you have not read the book, I recommend you to read it first beforehand. It has a way more detailed and deeper explanation and messages rather than the film indeed.

However the film has the epic characthers, nice plot, and smooth mixing story between the characters on the book and the new one who were only appeared on the film. Also it definitely has a perfect song theme. Much feeling: light jazzy, deep, playful, yet sweet and hopeful. My fave are “Equation” and Turn Around” .

Ohhhh Little Prince, you always remind me how much I love the children and story telling.  I always treat the children like the way I want to be treated when I was a child and tell them bunch of stories, and finally forget HOW to act as a grown up. Hahahahaha. So oftenly, grown ups said I’m an odd one, some called me excentric just like the grandpa in the Little Prince film. My parents, my sibling, my best friends, my teachers, and even the only boy I had crushed! (I dumped him since he underestimated me too much, oh wait! I’m not the one who got rejected, I HAD dumped him! Ahahaha. You’ll regret it boy! *Evil smile.

Nevertheless, I admit that I’m beyond normal in my society. I’m just the one who loves story telling a lot. So it affects my “normal” life unconsiously.

images (9)

I feel and think that I have a natural talent on this, the people confirmed it as well.  I met many children because of this, well not that many, but quite many, and I can guarantee: they love me and my stories. When I’m telling the story I alaways believe that I’m the luckiest person in the whole world! I feel so free…

My low self esteem back then was healed by this. I began to love myself more and respect myself more. I just love myself more and more after I found “The Little Prince”.

images (8)

Grown ups sometimes drive you into the darkest part of your path. It’s not their mistake, sometimes it’s for good (in their own version) but not for the child.

And now, lately, I feel like I act the way as the grown ups who I don’t like when I was a child. And story telling always pull myself back.

one important  thing is: I just can’t leave my childhood stars. You know, “stars”…

You shall judge that my childhood memories are that good, but the truth it’s far from normal and beyond what we called as the standard of “Normal” childhood happiness based on universal version that the world admit. I really gratitude for that, it makes me even stronger now.

THE LITTLE PRINCE, please always remind me that you ever exist yesterday now and forever.

images (3)




Warm hearted, Alexandria







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