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93rd: Katya- Russia



“Dear Katya,

It’s a lovely card. Thanks!
I love her smile, she seems enjoy herself doing a ballet. Beautiful ballerina.
When you do something that you really have a passion on it, everything will be so much fun, even you have to put a lot of effots to make it happen. So, the ballerina reminds me for this thing.

How hard the effort she did, how much rehearsal she needed, how much time she spent, how much energy absorbed by doing this, how many things she had already sacrificed to become like this and so on and so on.

Sometimes judgemental people think in a very narrow perspective that success people is a success people that’s it! they are talented and always have an fortunate life since they were born….that’s it!
But the truth is no pain no gain. It’s such a long and winding process.

Sorry I can’t help myself to tell you what’s in my mind when I am looking at your postcard. To put it simlpy, I like the card. Thanks once again 🙂
Feel free to contact me if you want to spend your holiday in Indonesia, Bandung. We have so much things to offer here. I can give you a city tour for free!



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