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92nd: Weiming-China



Dear Weiming,

Thank you so much for the Shanghai postcard! I like it!
The stamps are very nice too, thanks once again! 🙂
When I read your one day school life’s story on the postcard, I just can’t believe it that you are really have a TIGHT AGENDA!!!
From 6.30 am up to 9.00 pm:
“full day school!”
You only have a break around 25 minutes in the afternoon. No wonder you’re boring.. 😦
Chinese students are amazing though!

In Indonesia we do the same if we have a cram school near exam. Usually for normal senior high school time the class will begin at 6.30 am and finish at 3 pm with afternoon break around 12pm-1pm, so we can have a pray and eat our lunch.
Then we can continue it to the cram school at 4pm until 8pm with late afternoon break at 6pm-6.30pm for pray.
So in the weekend we kind a have a “revenge” to do what we wanna do. hang out with friend/family, do our hobbies or just sleep at home and lock yourself in the room to watch your fave movie/ read your fave book.

I hope you keep healthy and can graduate as soon as possible with good marks. Hehehe.
Happy year end holiday btw!
If you plan a trip to Indonesia, especially my home town, Bandung, feel free to contact me. We have bunch of things to offer such as natural, cultural, and historical attractions. I’ll give you a tour for free!


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