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86th: Yi Shan- Taiwan



“Dear Yi Shan,

Thank you so much for the refreshing deep green Shakadang river in Taroko Gorge, Hualien County. I’ll treasure this a lot and I hope someday I can go swimming there!
It’s so difficult to find a clean river in the big city as my home town, Bandung, nowadays. I can find a clean river only if I go to the villages during my holiday.
My mayor right now, Ridwan Kamil, is very concern to our home town’s environment. We built and innovated many green theme parks in every corner of the city, artificial river, self garbage recycling, and so on. In his 2 years work, Bandung won many city awards. I’m proud of it, but still I miss the clean river like this.


P.S: just contact me of you want to spend your holiday in Bandung, I can become your tour guide for free. Bandung has so much to offer!”


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