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Baros International Animation Festival (BIAF) 2015

Baros International Animation Festival


Dear friends,

It has been more than a month since I attended this international event. This event was quite amazing. I met bunch of talented young comic author from Indonesia as well as international.

But the most appealing thing is Indonesian  comic authors, animators, also games developer were gathered here, I want to meet them badly since I read their masterpiece online (oftenly) and found it interesting.

My fave booth section is local comic. I had met several of the local authors in PAKOBAN, and there they were become merrier!




I even got their signs on postcard I bought. Some people may ask why I really treasure those kind of “unimportant” stuff, for me, yes! it’s important! don’t judge other people’s personal preference please…

It’s kind a hobby … hehehehe



Ah! Now I mention it! I successfully hunted the cool postcards as usual!



Rama Indra



Matahari Indonesia


Yeah… I hope for the best for our local comic, animation, and games industry. Wish all d’ best, even I still can not resist the temptation to say we have LONG way to go…

More info bout this event?






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